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A community yoga space in the trees, filled with love

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New Home - Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel

After running online classes during March, April & May 2020, we have now re-opened for physical classes.
Please check out our social media Instagram & Facebook.
Sunday June 7, 2020 – MasterClass Developing a Daily Practice.
Monday June 8, 2020 – New schedule commences.

Community & Love

Ready to reconnect with yourself and find community in Siem Reap? Yoga Space Siem Reap is a community yoga studio filled with heart. Located on the beautiful open-air rooftop terrace of Baby Elephant Boutique Hotel, we provide daily movement, yoga and special interest classes. Please arrive a few minutes before class time to ensure a space, or book in advance by emailing We provide mats, props & purified water. However you are also welcome to bring your own mat or travel mat. You are also invited to participate in a small iced tea ceremony at the end of each class.

Yoga Space Siem Reap Prices:

  • $8 Drop In
  • $35 5-Class Pass
  • $55 Monthly Unlimited – with more than 50 classes per month! (Promotion – with free Yoga Space tote bag during August)
  • Private lessons – Yoga Space can provide private classes. There may be additional charges if you require us to come to your home or hotel depending on the location. Please email us for full details.
Siem Reap Yoga

Classes change weekly

We update the schedule and post to Instagram and Facebook weekly.

For any class changes we will let you know firstly on our Facebook page.

We often update the schedule on Facebook and Instagram before we upload it to the website, so make sure to check those out as well!

We invite you to honour your mat, that means book in advance and be present for the class you commit to. Arrive at least 5 minutes before class. Together this helps us to develop a stronger practice.
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Yoga Space Siem Reap | Yoga Asana

Below are descriptions of the different types of yoga, dance and meditation practices that we offer at Yoga Space Siem Reap.

Restorative & Aromatherapy

Suitable to all levels

A delicious practice with a lot of use of props and long holds. You will hear poetry and be able to savor the relaxing time as you allow yourself to restore and slow down. Each pose will last between 3-10 min accompanied by positive affirmations. Your teacher provides a unique aromatherapy oil ceremony for each deeply relaxing pose that you settle into, so that you can release and focus on your breathe, your mindfulness and your body. Enjoy the natural aromas and positivity that flows in this special self-affirming yoga class that is truly a gift to yourself and inspires unity through our gratefulness to ourselves and eachother. You will leave floating.

Slow Flow

Suitable to all levels

This is a vinyasa based class with a slower speed a few breaths in each posture to feel the alignment as well as enjoy a slower pace in mind and body. Slow flow is deeply meditative, slowing down our vinyasa practice. This allows for longer transitions between and during the poses, offering space to focus in more heavily on our breath and our alignment.

Hatha Yoga

Suitable to all levels

One of the most traditional forms of yoga asana, hatha yoga will take us deeply into a centred and traditional awakening. Based heavily on ancient yogic philosophies we still the mind through pranayama (breath control) techniques, static and dynamic asana, movement and a gentle meditation found either in longer holding poses or a deep relaxation.

Contemporary Dance

All levels

Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres. In this class we will find new ways to move our bodies, through different styles of music, while connecting the mind and the body through fluid movement. Contemporary emphasises and develops body alignment, strength and flexibility, coordination, rhythm and musicality, along with self expression. This is an open level class for dances with or without dance backgrounds, and modifications are offered to suit every students’ needs/

Sivananda Yoga

Suitable to all levels

An ancient set series with its base in Hatha style yoga. There will be some flowing but mostly longer holds and concentration on meditation and breath work.

Saturday Guided Meditation

Suitable to all levels

This free 30 minute guided meditation is very popular and follows our Saturday morning physical asana yoga class. It is inspired by the community energies around us, helping us to break through the koshas and attain a state of bliss and connection to the divine. Limited spaces and attendees of the class prior to the meditation will be given first priority.

Sweat & Surrender

Levels 1/2/3

Half flow, half relax. This practice will start with a more intense sun salutations and balancing postures and move into yin or more static relaxing postures and then melting into a delicious Shavasana.

Nia “Move to Heal”

Suitable to all levels

A holistic workout to energize, mentally clear, and emotionally balance. Nia’s natural dance, healing movements and gentle martial arts are set to music create sensory awareness as a tool for self-healing. “Moving to Heal” is a slower type of Nia, with gentle, mindful movements that bring us back into sensation. Wear clothes that are comfortable to move and groove in.

Vinyasa Yoga

Levels 2 – 3

“A seamless and fast-paced flowing yoga asana practice commonly known as flow yoga. Vinyasa yoga allows us to reach a more awakened state of mind through harmonized movements flowing with the breath.
We recommend this to people with an existing yoga practice”

Strength & Stretch

All levels

A yin and yang style practice, contained to one hour, allowing us to cultivate sun and moon energies within us. Expect to start the class with some sun salutations, activating our fire before coming into a more relaxed series of postures and energies, supporting the body into a deeper stretch and relaxation. This allows for beginners to experience what it’s like to be in each pose and for more experienced practitioners to move deeper into their practice.

Sundown Meditation

Suitable to All levels

Starting with some gentle asana to prepare ourselves for the meditation we will help to relax the body so that the mind can relax as well. Each week we will introduce a different form of meditation. e.g. Loving kindness, yoga nidra, and chakra-focused meditation as well. Learn to still the fluctuations of the mind, through a beautiful gentle guided meditation practice.

Other classes

Other Classes at Yoga Space Siem Reap

We offer workshops and one off classes, here are some regular offerings. Check our Facebook and Instagram pages to see our up-to-date special classes.

Warrior flow

This active flow will concentrate on moving through the strong empowering warrior poses while syncing together the breath & body relationship.(levels 1/2/3)

Acro yoga

A physical practice which combines yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage. Acroyoga is more vigorous than many traditional yoga practices and has been practiced since the beginning of the century. It is mostly practiced with a partner (all levels)


There will be a grounding guidance offered at the beginning for a few minutes and followed by silence until the time is complete. This silence is held in a safe place allowing you to melt through the layers of your mind. To come in and out of focus is completely natural and allowing time to let your mind relax is the beginning of a beautiful relationship (all levels).

Yoga nidra

Also known as yoga sleep, yoga Nidra is a laying down meditation that takes you on a systematic journey into a deep relaxation.

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Limited places available for classes, so pre-book your mat. For walk ins we recommend arriving at least a few minutes before class to ensure a spot. We look forward to sharing in yoga and movement practice with you. Namaste!