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Community & Love

Ready to reconnect with yourself and find community in Siem Reap? Yoga Space Siem Reap is a community yoga studio filled with heart. Located on the terrace of Sugar Spa Siem Reap, we provide daily movement, yoga and special interest classes. Please arrive a few minutes before class time to ensure a space, or book in advance by emailing We provide mats, props, water. However you are also welcome to bring your own mat or travel mat. You are also invited to participate in a small iced tea ceremony at the end of each class.

Yoga Space Siem Reap Prices:

  • $8 Drop In
  • $35 5-Class Pass
  • $68 Monthly Unlimited (includes 20% discount voucher at Sugar Spa)
  • $40 8-class Happy Hour Class Pass (includes 20% discount voucher at Sugar Spa)
  • Private lessons – Yoga Space can provide private classes. There may be additional charges if you require us to come to your home or hotel depending on the location. Please email us for full details.

Classes change weekly

We update the schedule and post to Instagram and Facebook weekly.

For any class changes we will let you know firstly on our Facebook page.

We often update the schedule on Facebook and Instagram before we upload it to the website, so make sure to check those out as well!

We invite you to honour your mat, that means book in advance and be present for the class you commit to. Arrive at least 5 minutes before class. Together this helps us to develop a stronger practice.
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Yoga Space Siem Reap | Yoga Asana

Below are descriptions of the different types of yoga, dance and meditation practices that we offer at Yoga Space Siem Reap.

Sivananda Yoga

Suitable to all levels

An ancient set series with its base in Hatha style yoga. There will be some flowing but mostly longer holds and concentration on meditation and breath work.


Suitable to all levels

A delicious practice with a lot of use of props and long holds. You will hear poetry and be able to savor the relaxing time as you allow yourself to restore and slow down. Each pose will last between 3-10 min. You will leave floating.

Slow flow

Suitable to all levels

This is a vinyasa based class with a slower speed a few breaths in each posture to feel the alignment as well as enjoy a slower pace in mind and body. (all levels)

Aryuvedic balancing flow

Level 1/2/3

Aryuveda is also known as a sister science to yoga. Working into a deeper knowledge of self and health through looking at the 5 elements. We will concentrate on digestion and playing with moving while embodying different elements. This is a fun dynamic way to practice and enjoyable for all.

Salute the sun

Suitable to all levels

This is an all levels class that will break down sun salutations and alignment as well as introducing to different forms of playing beyond the traditional sun sals but moving with mindfulness.

Body fusion

Suitable to all levels

This is a class which combines pilates and yoga together to create a core strengthening and breath centered balanced experienced.

Happy hour flow

Suitable to all levels

For only $5 you can enjoy this one-hour fun, playful and all levels Vinyasa-style class!

Asana grounding flow

Suitable to all levels

A flowing sequence but use the support of the earth throughout the practice and there will be minimal balancing poses. Using the earth and stability through our this practice will help to concentrate the mind.

Kriya vinyasa

Level 2/3

From the lineage of kundalini yoga kriyas were developed. We will do 3-5 different kriyas which are woven together by a vinyasa style class. Kriyas are the syncing of a repetitive motion, breath and sometimes a mantra. In this class they will be between 2-5 min long with a concentration on developing empathy.

Nia “Moving to Heal”

Suitable to all levels

A holistic workout to energize, mentally clear, and emotionally balance. Nia’s natural dance, healing movements and gentle martial arts are set to music create sensory awareness as a tool for self-healing. “Moving to Heal” is a slower type of Nia, with gentle, mindful movements that bring us back into sensation. Wear clothes that are comfortable to move and groove in.



This class is an invitation to question how we move, trying new variations of familiar postures and by doing so, collecting tools for a mindful and sustainable Asana practice that suits your own unique body.

In this class, we take the time to explore postures and sequences we often find in a “regular” Yoga class, more in detail, discovering different ways to approach them. During these workshop-like sessions you are encouraged to take on a new perspective, trying and playing with different variations and modifications of familiar postures, sometimes with the with the help of props.

This drop-in class is highly recommended for beginners, but suitable for all levels. Different variations will be offered to accommodate every body type.

Special focus flow classes

Suitable to all levels

This Vinyasa style class will be centered around one philosophy and one area in the body. Every week the theme will change so please look at the weekly description for more details.

Guided Meditation

Suitable to All levels

Breathe and move towards silence with guidance to bring you back to your breath every few minutes. Coming to your seat and allowing time to meditate you will go through many layers of the mind which is completely natural. You’re already on a more balanced path by just creating time for your practice, relaxing your mind and focusing.

Sweat & surrender

Levels 1/2/3

Half flow, half relax. This practice will start with a more intense sun salutations and balancing postures and move into yin or more static relaxing postures and then melting into a delicious Shavasana.

Other classes

Other Classes at Yoga Space Siem Reap

We offer workshops and one off classes, here are some regular offerings. Check our Facebook and Instagram pages to see our up-to-date special classes.

Warrior flow

This active flow will concentrate on moving through the strong empowering warrior poses while syncing together the breath & body relationship.(levels 1/2/3)

Acro yoga

A physical practice which combines yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage. Acroyoga is more vigorous than many traditional yoga practices and has been practiced since the beginning of the century. It is mostly practiced with a partner (all levels)


There will be a grounding guidance offered at the beginning for a few minutes and followed by silence until the time is complete. This silence is held in a safe place allowing you to melt through the layers of your mind. To come in and out of focus is completely natural and allowing time to let your mind relax is the beginning of a beautiful relationship (all levels).

Yoga nidra

Also known as yoga sleep, yoga Nidra is a laying down meditation that takes you on a systematic journey into a deep relaxation.

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Limited places available for classes, so pre-book your mat. For walk ins we recommend arriving at least a few minutes before class to ensure a spot. We look forward to sharing in yoga and movement practice with you. Namaste!